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We are a broad coalition of Californians working with California Native American Tribes to stop out-of-state corporations from taking over online sports betting.
We oppose the deceptive out-of-state sports betting measure because it not only threatens tribal sovereignty, but leaves California with little-to-no investments.
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Prop. 27 is a direct attack on Tribal gaming

The measure violates the promise made by California voters over two decades ago, which granted sovereign Native American California tribes exclusive gaming rights that has benefitted both the Tribes and our state. ➥ Essentially, Prop 27 gives out-of-state corporations a lock on sports betting, requiring tribes to give up their rights under the California Constitution in order to participate in online gaming. ➥ Under this measure, the big national firms who would operate online sports betting are only required to partner with a single California Tribe. That means just a small handful of California’s more than 100 Tribes would be able to participate, leaving the participating tribes with no negotiating power.


DraftKings and Fanduel claim their measure will solve homelessness

The reality: Prop 27 includes exploitable deduction write-offs and loopholes to minimize the funding that will help address homelessness. ➥ It was written by the big out-of-state online gaming corporations to benefit them, not the homeless. ➥ Prop. 27 increases spending on California’s existing homeless programs by only 3%. That is not a permanent solution, it’s a permanent deception. ➥ Prop 27 is reminiscent of the cynical false promises made to voters in 1984 about the State Lottery solving education funding – it will not solve homelessness


Prop 27 lacks safe gaming infrastructure that protects our kids

The commercial operators’ measure will not require in-person age verification, opening the door to illegal gambling by minors. ➥ The measure claims to protect our kids, but the fine print says otherwise. In fact, the corporate online betting proposal would let people gamble on our kids in sporting and other events. ➥ Prop 27 would open the door to illegal gambling by young people and provides easy access to problem gamblers ➥ None of these new revenues can be used on programing that specifically benefits children or our youth – not on education or childcare for single parents or helping foster youth who are transitioning out of the system.


Out-of-state corporations will shut out California businesses

The out-of-state corporations behind Prop 27 deliberately designed it to block anyone but the top four or five biggest national firms from even getting a state license, making tribes beholden to these companies. ➥ The measure requires a $100 million license fee to conduct online gaming in our state. That’ll prevent most Californians who want to participate from getting in the game, while the out-of-state corporations laugh all the way to the bank.


Prop 27 would lack any real job creation or investment in California

Most of the jobs and profits made from California’s online gaming will be outsourced to other states. ➥ The out-of-state companies behind Prop 27 only care about profiting from California, not investing in it. ➥ 90% of the profits are shipped out of state, leaving only 8 ½ percent for homelessness and mental health programs, and just 1 ½ percent for tribes. It’s billions for the out of state corporations, with no real jobs or investments in California ➥ The corporate proponents of this measure have a long track record of promising to boost states’ revenue and then utilizing tax avoidance strategies to under deliver on those promised revenues – i.e, in Colorado, Michigan, and Virginia.



I/We can help in the following ways:
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