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The Out-of-State Corporations Who Wrote Prop 27 Intentionally Excluded School Funding

More than 30 years ago, California voters promised our children a portion of all new state general fund revenues would go to schools. But according to the California Legislative Analyst, the out-of-state corporations behind Prop 27 made a point to exempt Prop. 27 money from the state constitution’s minimum education funding requirements.

Prop 27 Robs Our Schools of Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Every Year

It’s no wonder the California teachers oppose Prop 27!

No Safeguards and Bad Actor Operators Will Put All Children at Risk

Prop. 27 does not provide for in-person age verification. This opens the door to illegal gambling by young people and provides easy access to problem gamblers. Several of the operators behind this measure have been fined for marketing to minors and violating underage gaming rules.

The measure claims to protect our kids, but the fine print says otherwise. In fact, the corporate online betting proposal would let people gamble on our kids in sporting and other events.

Prop 27 Reverses Decades of Progress to for Native American Children

For generations Native American tribes struggled economically, and their children did not have access to the same opportunities and resources as tothers. This changed when California voters passed Prop. 1A, granting sovereign Native American California Tribes exclusive rights to casino- style gaming in California. Since then, California Native Tribes and all Californians have benefitted from the trust voters placed in Tribes.

Prop 27 would break that promise and hurt our tribes and their children.

By attacking sovereignty, Prop 27 will reverse two decades of progress by reducing funding for programs tribes have used to improve the quality of life on reservations. This includes healthcare, education and, providing college scholarships and expanded opportunities for Native American students.

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