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“Corporate interests are always making false promises to communities of color, and the out-of-state sponsors of Prop. 27 are no different. This measure will directly harm Native Americans who have already faced decades of oppression, all while providing no real benefits to the rest of California. These corporate interests want to take the money and run, without providing jobs or economic benefits to our state. Latino communities - and all Californians – should vote no on this corporate scheme."

Jose Barrera

State Director, California League of United Latin American Citizens

“California tribes are critical partners in keeping our communities safe. This online gaming initiative - sponsored by out-of-state corporations - would hurt tribes’ ability to assist local law enforcement agencies in responding to public safety emergencies. Don’t let corporate interest undermine public safety – Vote No on Prop. 27.”

Bill Young

President, Riverside Sheriffs’ Association

“Small businesses in California were hit hardest by COVID-19 lockdowns and need help. This initiative, backed by large, out-of-state corporations, won’t provide the support we need. Prop. 27 is designed to lock California’s small businesses and entrepreneurs out of the online sports betting market. It will undermine decades of successful tribal gaming, which has provided proven support to many California small businesses, while sending all the revenues and jobs out of state. Vote NO!”

Jason Paguio

President & CEO, Asian Business Association San Diego

“Proposition 27 is far from a solution to California’s homeless problem because it is deliberately designed to take money out of California for the enrichment of out of state corporations, leaving very little behind to meet the needs of Californians. Proposition 27 limits the bulk of its’ already limited homelessness and mental health funding to a handful of large cities and counties. Mid-sized and small cities would get no relief and are essentially shut out of resources to deal with homeless issues.”

Orange Cove Mayor Victor Lopez

Chair of the Central Valley Latino Mayors & Elected Officials Coalition

“The out-of-state corporations behind Prop. 27 want us to think it will help California but in reality, it only benefits them. The measure allows these companies to take 90% of their profits out of state, with no real jobs or investment in California. We need real solutions to help create jobs and support our struggling businesses and communities - not false promises like Prop. 27. Vote No.”

Julian Canete
President &  CEO of California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce

“CTA opposes Prop 27 Online gambling corporations would take 90% of the profits out of state. Not a single penny is directed to our students or our state's public schools.”

E. Toby Boyd

President of California Teachers Association

“California’s tribal fire departments are part of the state’s emergency fire response system MC approved 8/9 and help keep our communities safe. Prop 27 will drain funds from tribal public safety and put California communities at risk – all while the out-of-state corporations behind Prop 27 take their huge profits out of state. Vote No on 27!”

Michael J. Smith

President of California Tribal Fire Chiefs Association

“Research shows online and mobile sports betting is highly addictive, especially for youth and other vulnerable communities. Prop 27 will also put California’s students at risk by failing to invest revenue in our state’s education system. This measure is a bad deal for California and for our public schools. We urge voters to reject Prop 27.”

Jeff Freitas

President of California Federation of Teachers

"Mary’s Mercy Center, dedicated to serving California’s unhoused, hungry and less fortunate, opposes Prop 27 because it is filled with false promises of help for our homeless community. Prop 27 was developed to increase corporate profits, not help our communities. Vote No on 27."

Mary’s Mercy

“Prop 27 will bring nothing to the table in terms of creating jobs or an improved economy for thousands of hard-working Latino business owners and their employees in California. Instead, Prop 27 allows the out-of-state corporations behind it take most of their profits out of state. Vote No on 27 – it’s bad for California.”

Ruben Guerra

Chairman & CEO of Latin Business Association

"California’s tribes have proven to be safe and responsible operators of gaming in California, providing benefits to their communities and to their members. I stand with tribal governments in opposition to Prop. 27 and support their right to operate gaming facilities on their lands.”

Democratic Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins

"I am concerned that Prop. 27 sends sports betting revenues to out-of-state corporations who wrote the measure to maximize their profits. Californians should vote No on 27 and support California tribes over out-of-state corporations.”

Democratic Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon

"Prop. 27 eliminates the sovereign right of California tribes to operate gaming in California. They have proven to be excellent stewards of this responsibility. We should protect this tribal right, which has also benefited all Californians. Vote No on 27.”

Senate Republican Leader Scott Wilk

"We need to protect tribal sovereignty and gaming in California. Prop. 27 threatens the current system, approved by voters, that allows tribes to use their lands to be self-reliant while also providing tremendous benefit to the communities they serve. Vote no on Prop. 27."

Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher

“It is disheartening that out-of-state corporations are using our state’s homelessness crisis to try to trick voters into passing Prop 27. These corporations don’t care about California’s more than 11,000 homeless veterans – they only care about increasing their profits. Vote No on 27.”

State Commander Martin Yingling

Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of California

"Proposition 27 exploits California’s tribes and our resources while making no real investments in California. 90 percent of the revenue generated by Proposition 27 would go directly into the pockets of out-of-state corporations while threatening funding for California’s needs. Vote No on 27."

California Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis

“Prop 27 will allow the out of state corporations that wrote the initiative to exploit deduction write-offs and loopholes to minimize the amount of taxes that are supposed to help fund homelessness programs or help California’s poorest Native American tribes. These same out-of-state corporations have promised large tax benefits to other states as well, and those states are coming up short on promised budgets.”

State Treasurer Fiona Ma

“Prop. 27 is a bad deal for California. The fine print says 90% of the revenue goes to the out-of-state corporations who wrote the measure to pad their profits.”

California State Controller Betty Yee

“In 1998, California voters promised our children a guaranteed portion of all new state general fund revenues would go to public schools. But according to the Legislative Analyst, the out-of-state corporations behind Prop. 27 exempt their new revenues from the state’s minimum education funding levels, allowing them to send 90% of their profits out of California. That is why I join California educators in opposing Prop. 27.”

California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond

“Tribal fire departments are part of California’s first line of fire defense and an integral part of emergencies such as wildfires. Prop 27 is bad for California because it threatens to reduce the amount of revenue tribal gaming brings to our state and local governments, including funding for critical public safety services.”

CA Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara

“It is not a homeless initiative. I know Angelenos can read between the lines and they know better."

California Governor Gavin Newsom

“Prop 27 will allow these out-of-state corporations to take away the self-sufficiency we’ve worked so hard to earn.” 

Glenda Nelson

Chairwoman, Enterprise Rancheria

“Don’t let corporations exploit homelessness to pad their profits. Vote no on Prop 27.”

Peggi Fries

Executive Director, Desert Sanctuary

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